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Face paints: Health, safety & hygiene

  • We follow a strict code of practice regarding hygiene.  We use a clean sponge for each person and brushes are cleaned regularly throughout each event.  All equipment is cleaned thoroughly after each event.

  • To ensure that health and hygiene standards are maintained, we ask that our products remain untouched by anyone other than the members of the team.  Please ensure that children are supervised at all times.

  • All products used are water based, hypoallergenic, non toxic and tested for use on the skin.  They comply with US FDA and EU regulations.  However, please note that all cosmetics can on rare occasions cause allergic reactions and we accept no liability for this.

  • If the person to be painted has not been painted before or has sensitive skin, it is possible that face painting may cause irritation.  Please therefore ask for a patch test.  If there is no reaction after 15 minutes, the person may be painted. It is your responsibility to advise us of any sensitivity prior to painting and we accept no liability for irritation caused.

  •  Removal of paints is very simple as they are water based. We recommend that you initially remove most of the paint with water and a cloth, then use soap and warm water to remove the rest. darker colour's have a stronger pigment and may need olive oil and cotton wool  to remove.

  • We don't recommend the use of wet wipes to remove face paints as they can cause an allergic reaction to the skin; wet wipes are used for babies bottoms not the face.

  • Generally children wear their face paint for approximately 2 to 3 hours. We do not recommend that children keep their face paint on over night.

  • We have public liability insurance which can be presented on request.

  • We have a working with children's check which can be presented on request

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