Kitty cat Supreme

children's furniture party hire package DIY - Perth WA

For children 3 to 8 years old 

Pussy cat, pussy cat, we love you.....yes we do!

I asked my daughter what kind of theme she would like for her birthday party and she said "kitty cats", and hey presto Kitty Cat Supreme Party package was born.

This is an absolute magical kids hire party package and truly one of a kind. Your little kitties can sip their drinks through their collar-wearing bottles and eat cake from their cat bowls. They can role play wearing custom-made kitty collars ..........meow!


Easy to follow instructions are included so you can put together the package with ease. Or we can set it up for you for a small fee of $50. 

(based on10 little kitties)
prices start from $159
  • 2 kid friendly table

  • 10 stools with furry covers or chiffon ties

  • 2 table covers

  • 6 cheerleader bow clips

  • 1 table runner

  • 10 cat bowls

  • 10 pink plates

  • 10 napkins

  • 10 straws

  • 10 milk bottles with kitty chokers

  • 4 custom made table cats

  • 2 custom made kitty bunting

  • 2 paper hanging decorations

  • 10 kitty cat ears

  • 10 kitty cat collars

  • 3 game activities:​
  •  Kitty cat chill zone
  •  Musical fish
  •  Pin the tail on the kitty
 All items to be returned except napkins and drinking straws
pin the tail on the kitty
Role play
optional extra

Our package promotes role playing which all parents know is a great way to build confidence, self esteem, learning development and  imagination. 

Kitty chill out zone